For decades, the name Xerox has been synonymous with copiers, and with good reason. As the original copier company, they have been designing and manufacturing copiers longer than anyone else.

Hendrix’s association with Xerox is spearheaded by our Raleigh branch, who have been supporting Xerox products for many years. With their expertise, we now offer Xerox Multifunction Printers to all of our customers, offering competitive pricing to increase your bottom line.

Over the many years, Xerox prides themselves on one being at the forefront of innovation and application integration. Out of the box, Xerox machines have a robust menu of application options, including Xerox Easy Translator–which translates documents into other languages–and Print By Xerox, which allows you to send a print job from any device that sends email!

Additional app options include the Healthcare Multifunction Printer Solution app, which lets users in the medical community to deliver pertinent information at the right time, in the right format and the point of care to help healthcare without the need for heavy IT infrastructure utilizing the secure Kno2 network.

Our Hendrix specialists can help you get the most out of your Xerox products, both by expanding the usability of your device and by getting your devices that take smaller bites out of your budget. Want to get started? Call us today! 800-283-8695 or click here to Contact Us!