Meet our Operations Manager, Reggie Brice

His love for interacting with people and the gift of being a problem solver has brought him here. He is proactive, professional and quite frankly, he knows just how to get the job done.

Reggie has been a part of the Hendrix Business family for three years now. He describes his current role of Operations Manager as being a ‘real-life problem solver’. He’s the guy responsible for overseeing and managing the operations of the business for maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction. His typical day includes responding to customer queries and issues, dispatching technicians in a timely, effective manner and ensuring that tools and parts are procured and available for each job. Reggie is also responsible for scheduling new equipment sales and getting the customers equipment installed correctly and on time. Anything mechanical, operational or logistical, Reggie is there, ready to take a hands-on approach to things.

Reggie went to Cary High School in his hometown of Cary, North Carolina. After that, he pursued a Technical L4 qualification before working at a copy shop for some time. It was here that Reggie found his desire to work in this particular industry.

“I used to see the technicians come in and repair the copiers quite frequently and I somehow found that intriguing” – Reggie Brice

Reggie started as a technician and has moved his way up to a managerial position. He gained a wealth of experience which has allowed him to excel at his job. The real test of his expertise as Operations Manager is seen when several new clients come on board at the same time.

“Family time is time well spent!” Reggie is a big believer in this idea. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Carnisha and two kids, Olivia and Tyler. They spend time together doing family-planned activities and watching a lot of sports. Football, basketball, and race cars, yes, Reggie is a sports fanatic! When it comes to mentors, Reggie’s parents have always played a significant role in shaping his individuality; his honesty, his integrity, and his willingness are all values instilled in him from a young age.

When Reggie isn’t here fulfilling his role as Operations Manager, he enjoys playing the drums and making music. In fact, he is quite the drummer and keeps practicing whenever he gets the time. He has played in his church choir a few times and even at a couple weddings.

At Hendrix Business Systems, we work to maintain a close-knit culture and help our employees grow every step of the way. Reggie especially loves this about the company. He likes to see everyone happy and is known among his friends and peers as  ‘a regular prankster’. ‘Life is too short to be uptight’ he says, adding that it’s necessary for us to be more carefree rather than careless with our time and actions.